Resilience for people & planet
& prosperity for all

The Secret Garden incorporates sustainability policy and practice in every project. We consider the impacts of our business on all stakeholders, including clients, employees, suppliers, communities, society, and our planet.

Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of our sustainable business practice


Listening to our clients informs our work to effectively design, construct, and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces to create the ultimate client experience.



We’re a service company and we rely on our team to serve our customers. In 2021, we conducted third-party focus groups to get valuable employee perspective to guide our culture and work environment.


We prioritize establishing mutually-beneficial relationships with our suppliers.



Community, Society, Planet

We stay informed on local and global issues that may impact people and planet and are aware of our role to ensure the world in which we operate is resilient.

Environmental Stewardship

As a company in the “green” industry, we understand the significance of Environmental Stewardship and its role in promoting resilience of the Earth for future generations.

Waste Reduction Efforts

  • Composting of organic matter
  • Recycling of packaging and materials
  • Repurposing of landscape materials
  • Responsible disposal of debris

Water Stewardship

  • Controlling water runoff, including installation of rain gardens
  • Avoiding water contamination
  • Reducing water use by installing drought-tolerant plants
  • Monitoring and reducing water use in company operations
Biodiversity Stewardship

Biodiversity Stewardship

  • Improving plant ecosystems by incorporating pollinator plants into gardens
  • Incorporating native plantings wherever possible
  • Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques for responsible pest management

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Efforts

  • Replacing gas-powered equipment with electric alternatives
  • Utilizing smart timers for landscape lighting systems to reduce energy consumption

Social Stewardship

We understand the importance of Social Stewardship to promote resilience of people.

Patio design with pavers and outdoor kitchen

Customer Satisfaction

We offer solutions to fulfill our clients’ desire for beautiful outdoor spaces. This includes pricing our products and services fairly to ensure clients receive quality outcomes and staff receive fair wages. In addition, we ensure staff are respectful while working on client properties.

Landscaping contractors at work

Fair Employee Treatment

To ensure our employees are taken care of, we pay above-market wages and offer a robust benefits package including a retirement plan, health and life insurance, and paid holidays and vacation time. We encourage a work-life balance and promote an inclusive culture.

Employee pruning a hedge


Maintaining worker and worksite safety is always a top prioirty.

TSG removing invasive species

Community Support

We give back to our local communities through volunteerism and donations.

Design your outdoor space to make the world a better place